The Box, Plymouth

The Box is blooming brilliant and best in history!We visited today researching towards our  upcoming Projects for the Urban Tree Festival, "Stories I've Seen" and the Chronicles of Darwin, which will be happening in the Athenaeum later in the year. 
Great to see the movie about Plymouth Port, all the filmmaking equipment, and Abercrombie's Plan for Plymouth model. Pieces of history all fit together like a jigsaw making one big picture. The Box made all the pieces come to life in an animated way. 

Hive Mind

This week Sean is reviewing one of his favourite places. Hive Mind on Frankfort Gate in Plymouth . 

Hive Mind is a one stop shop for all things Marvel, DC and all things Superhero. 

They also sell Pops figures, board games and T shirts. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Sometimes they give recommendations for Comics which may suit your personality .

Overall I rate Hive Mind very highly both for existing Comic Fans and those at the start of their comic book journey. For those who have seen a few Marvel movies and would like to find out a bit more about their Comic Book heroes. 

My most recent purchase was a Judge Dredd graphic novel. I really enjoyed this and it was a standalone story so you didn't need to read the whole series first.

Stage Combat at Crumbling Rocks Theatre


Charlie Cornforth from Crumbling Rocks Theatre presents stage combat play group. It is a mixture of sword play and mixed martial arts. I went there for about 5 to 6 months. It takes you through the basis of the Huma sword fighting system. Huma is historical and based upon sword fighting with long swords –. It dates from the 11th century to about the 15th 16 th Century.

We started from basic steps and moves through to improvising and devising our own scenes and skits which were filmed by Charlie.

Its on every fortnight at the Oxford Creative Hub on a Saturday from 11 till 1. If you like mixed martial arts and sword play why not give it a go? You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Priced at just £5 payable via the internet or by cash. Contact Charlie Cornforth at Crumbling Rocks Theatre for more information.

You'll find his website here 

Thumbs up seal of approval!

Fiendish Fundraiser and Spooky Supper

We had a fiendish fundraiser for families and friends to raise money for Creative Curiosities and Curious Stagecraft Company. There was pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, chocolate fountain, tombola and David’s merchandise was on sale for Curious Stagecraft Company. The families enjoyed it very much, everyone gave it a thumbs up!

After the families left ,we had karaoke, sang some spooky songs for Halloween followed by a two course meal of spaghetti bolognaise and trifle.

Everyone left with full bellies and a big smile.


We will be holding another event at the Athenaeum Lecture Hall over the Festive period, with more stalls including gifts, tombola, sweets and refreshments.

Watch this space!

Sean - Curious Stagecraft Company

Funky Llama's 1oth Anniversary Club Night

When we got there MC Spike made a speech, he counted down 10 years of time . He talked all about the music and the films and popular cultures in 2013, like Frozen which was the highest grossing film.  The night was opened by a Robbie Williams impersonator who was very good. The whole night was good. I really liked the music from DJ Big B . The pretend llama was there, it was very comical. People were outside on stilts dressed as pirates. They were great. Live bands were a percussion band and 2 guitarists playing acoustic guitars and singing. The dance floor was really popular everyone was dancing. I did think the drinks were too expensive.

I saw people from Omnium and Animate. I saw friends from Daisy Chain too. We rated the night as an 8 out of 10 and a 10 out of 10. We’d like to say a big thank you to the people who organised it. It was my first nightclub ever.

Nathan and Sean. Curious Stagecraft Company I