Creative Curiosities SW: creating a stage for all

We run creative and performing arts activities for all ages which we have designed with our lived experience of neurodivergence in mind. 

Our long term mission is to create a neurodivergent theatre production company run by and for a neurodivergent community.

By exploring the world around us through performing and creative arts we increase our understanding of our sensory and emotional needs. Young people tell us they often struggle with this and that it impacts on their ability to form positive and supportive friendships and relationships. We provide opportunities, support and mentoring for children and young people and their families whether they are in education or not. You do not have to have an official diagnosis to take part in any of our experiences.

We aim to provide actual training, with real employment prospects at the end of it and the opportunity to become mentors to younger children and future students.

We actively support neurodivergent practitioners, ensuring our young people are able to progress and gain experience towards their future career, whatever that may be. You will find the majority of our curators not only have extensive professional expertise in their field, but also considerable lived family experience.

We aim to  become a training hub for all professionals working within the neurodivergent community. This will help to tackle the lack of support and understanding which many young people and their families must face every day.


Training -First Aid 

Life skills - Cooking


Being valued -Mentoring

Sensory Aware -Exploring through Nature 


Sensory Supported - Exploring Safely.